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The personal background of TIDSL's Management Team comes from within the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry and who have personally worked in locations such as West & North Africa, Middle East, North & South America, Central & SE Asia, Western & Eastern Europe. Their respective experience encompassed a diverse spectrum of Operations with both multi-national and private Drilling Contractor's, Operators, Service Companies and Construction, Engineering & Refurbishment Yards covering both onshore & offshore operations. This varied industry experience has assisted TIDSL to select the right candidate's for deployment to clients in addition to the stringent vetting procedures undertaken prior to the deployment of all personnel. Our Personnel represent some of the highest skilled workers in the industry who have all round experience both onshore and offshore within their respective discipline(s).

The success of any operation being completed safely, effectively, on time and within the budget generally comes down to the strength and depth of the personnel supervising and carrying out the contractual duties with the equipment they have been provided. The standard of employees carried by TIDSL are of the highest calibre giving nothing less than 100% effort & commitment to TIDSL and their clients.

The inner strength of any company is reliant on the strength and depth of its workforce - with strength and depth of personnel there becomes very few work related challenges - only successful project completion's.

TIDSL knows the requirements of each and every position within all Upstream Operations from Reservoir Evaluation/Re-evaluation to Well Engineering to Drilling to Test & Completion to Construction, Installation, Maintenance and Refurbishment of all equipment(s) and facilities. All of our personnel are highly motivated, fully experienced in their respective discipline(s) and retain excellent communication & man management skills.

TIDSL currently retains a daily maintained database of Candidates & Curriculum Vitae's in excess of 27,000 in number with each individual interviewed, reference checked and approved prior to addition to our master database. The present operations cover both in-house deployment, long / short term contract hire of personnel and direct hire recruitment services ranging from (though not restricted to) the following disciplines:-

Rig/Drill Crew:  
Operations Manager Rig Superintendent/Manager
Toolpusher Tourpusher
Driller Assistant Driller
Pumpman/Derrickman Roughneck
Chief Engineer / Planed Maintenance Supervisor SubSea Engineer
Chief Mechanic Assistant Mechanic
Chief Electrician Assistant Electrician
Motorman Rig Welder
Captain/Bargemaster Barge/Jacking Engineer
ABM/1st Officer/SSL Dynamic Positioning Officer (DPO)
Ballast Control Room Operator (BCRO) Crane Operator/Deck Foreman
Safety/HSE Officer Logistics Co-ordinator
Materials Man Radio Operator
Medic Roustabout
Painter/Maintenance Roustabout Camp Boss/Catering Manager
Cook/Baker Galley Steward
Laundry Steward Accommodation Steward
Upstream Personnel(Operator):
Drilling Manager Drilling Superintendent
Drilling Supervisor (Days) Drilling Supervisor (Nights)
Drilling / Planning Engineer Petroleum Engineer
Reservoir Engineer Geologist / Wellsite Geologist
Test & Completion's Engineer Test & Completion's Supervisors
Logistics & Procurement Co-ordinator Wellsite Safety / HSE Officer
Upstream Personnel (Service Company):
Drilling Fluids Engineers Casing Running Technicians/Supervisors
Tool Running Technicians Fishing Supervisors
Directional Drilling Supervisor Directional Driller
MWD/LWD Technicians & Operators Laboratory Technicians
Mud Loggers & Supervisors Cement & Stimulation Supervisors
Cementing Engineers/Operators Safety/HSE Officer
Environmental Officer Mechanics (cement/wireline equip. exp.)
Maintenance / Refurbishment Personnel (Shipyard/Construction/Refinery):
Yard Foreman / Refurbishment Engineer Planning Engineer
Mechanical Engineer Planned Maintenance Supervisor
Instrument Technician Rotating Equipment Engineer
Electrical Engineer (planning) Electronic Technician
Electrician (installation & maintenance) Mechanic (installation & maintenance)
Mechanical Technician Welder (ASME IX 6G/R - MMA/TIG)
Plater/Fabricator Pipe-Fitter Buyer/Logistics Co-ordinator